Quiet Black Girl

Although it generally seems unintentional, often overlooked are the quiet black girls. You know, the one that never gives you trouble, sitting in the back of the classroom so you think that everything is okay. Well, everything is not okay and she just might be one step away from falling apart. She needs your time and attention just as much as anyone else. Trust me, I was one of them.

Quiet Black Girl
Feigning syrupy sweet magic
Rolled eyes and soft lips
Make for intrigue
Against the backdrop of a 90’s flow
Born in the 80’s though
Maybe that’s why she loves Purple Rain
The movie
And the guitar riff at the end
Strumming at the chords in her heart
Slowly breaking down the innermost part
Of what she can never say
A small lament
From the misunderstood

Who’d listen anyway?

Said she good
No trouble at all
No need to ask about
Her loves
Her hates
Dreams or ambitions
Not to mention
The fact that she has not
Uttered a sentence
To you
For days
Four days
That’s just her way

Quiet Black Girl
Got a chip on that shoulder
From all the times she’s been passed over
Looked and forgotten
Not enough to most
Yet too much to try and figure out
What’s inside
Even from herself
Especially from herself
Because maybe,
Just maybe, she’d go crazy
From all the things that she felt
All the things that she kept
Locked in chains
Locked in pain
From yesterday
Wasting away
Waiting for the day
That someone
Would want to



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